What is luxury Wedding Dress?

Wedding dress is one of the items that need to be meticulously and carefully prepared on your big day because a stunning wedding dress will bring out the best of beauty and confidence of your bridal look. You might have heard a lot about “Luxury wedding dress”, especially when you are facing various choices to find a perfect one for your big day.

However, not so many people really understand what luxury wedding dresses are. Let find out the answer with Khai Vinh Bridal!

What is luxury wedding dress?

To have a right definition of luxury wedding dress, first of all, we should know what “luxury” is.

Luxury means expensive, lavish and rare. When it comes with wedding dress we can understand that they are high-end wedding dresses made by top designers.

Several luxury wedding dress brands can be named such as: Vera Wang; Oscar De La Renta;…you might notice or hear these wedding dresses are usually worn at celebrity weddings. After the wedding, those wedding dresses will become the most talked topic by the girls as well as the media.


What is special about luxury wedding dress?

Luxury wedding dress means expensive?

With the above interpretation, surely many people think that “luxury” always go with “expensive”. This is not wrong, but it is not totally true either. Because the value of a wedding dress which is considered “luxury” not only based on the cash value; but also by the fussiness; meticulousness of the people who made it.

Luxury wedding dresses are designed and handdmade by the most popular fashion designers and of course the price will go hand in hand with the quality.

In many people’s point of views, “luxury” has been treated as the signs of boasting, money, glamour, etc. but in fact “luxury” should be understood as quality products made by top designers.

Each of us has different interpretations of luxury wedding dress. Some people think that a luxury wedding dress is a billion-dollar wedding dress from famous brands. But for others, a luxury wedding dress is simply a wedding dress that makes them feel satisfied and feel like a real queen when wearing it. And it certainly doesn’t have to be a dress with a “great” value.

Because the luxury wedding dresses are completely handmade, it takes long time to create one. To order a wedding dress from these brands is extremely difficult. Therefore, their prices are not cheap at all.

How to select a high-end yet affordable wedding dress

Not every bride can afford a wedding dress from high-end brands. You don’t have to choose expensive dresses because many bridal designers have affordable wedding dresses but they also have luxurious and haute couture bridal collections. Remember there are plenty of simple dresses that are still considered luxurious and high end, as long as you know how to choose the right one, you will still become the queen of your day.


Choose colors that compliment your skin tone.

Today, the color of wedding dresses is no longer limited to white but also has more options such as pink, red, purple and even floral dresses, etc. However, white is still the preferred choice. Not only does it help brighten the skin, create an elegant style, but remain a timeless beauty even in 10-20 years to come.

In particular, ivory white or cream white brings romance and sophistication to the wedding dress. Meanwhile, pure white is a great choice for the brides with dark skin.


One of the important features to create a beautiful dress is its silhouette. Choosing the right dress style will help you showcase your beauty and hide your flaws.

The bride should try on the dress to see if it is comfortable or not, because you will have to wear it all day long, so choose a dress that is not too tight, easy for movement.


If you are a bride who loves simplicity, choose a plain one. And if you like to be shimmering and sparkling, you can choose gem or pearl embellished dresses. Avoid the dresses with too many patterns that will make it look heavy and complicated.


Since the dress doesn’t have many embellishments, all attention will be on the style and material. A beautiful wedding dress will be a new, wrinkle-free one. It is made of good quality fabric. “Smooth” fabric surface and clear pattern will be highly appreciated.


The brides should avoid using a variety of accessories because the main purpose of choosing this style is to reduce cumbersome details. Depending on the outfit, adding some accessories such as earrings, bracelets or a sparkling necklace is just good enough to create a delicate and elegant bridal look.

Hoping that with the above sharings from Khai Vinh Bridal, you now have a comprehensive knowledge of luxury wedding dresses. If you still have questions about choosing an outfit for your big day, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are proud to be the leading wedding dress brand in Vietnam where you will surely experience the best services.

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