Khai Vinh Bridal always brings the unique and newest trends of wedding dresses, make-up and wedding photography to customers. We make sure the couple will own the most gorgeous wedding dress and wedding photos which radiates their own colors and unique style. We promise to offer our customers the best presents – exquisite, distinctive wedding photos with a variety of choices that are perfect for a wedding.


The matching ao dai of the bride and groom with chest embroidery of coins carries profound meaning for the couple on their engagement day. The wish is for the couple to always be happy, fortunate, and prosperous. Each set of wedding ao dai represents a unique meaning. The color yellow brings warmth, while the coins...

“Ao dai” bride and groom’s pair with prominent phoenix embroidery is a standout in Ho Chi Minh City. This wedding ao dai design is sold and rented by Khai Vinh Bridal, featuring unique details in materials, colors, styles, and phoenix embroidery embellishments. With years of experience in producing wedding ao dai, Khai Vinh Bridal also...

Dark green Ao Dai is a versatile and chic choice for women of all ages. It is a perfect outfit for formal events, weddings, or even everyday wear. Dark green is a timeless color that can be worn all year round and looks great on any skin tone.

The black off-shoulder princess wedding dress is for brides who love black and have a strong personality! Khai Vinh Bridal introduces the latest trend of 2022 - black off-shoulder princess wedding dress to the market.


Khai Vinh Bridal brings the most professional and prestigious wedding photography service. With a team of highly skilled, enthusiastic and enthusiastic wedding photographers who always show creativity. Bring the most unique photos to customers.