The red Ao Dai collection for April 2023

Introducing the red wedding ao dai collection for April 2023, available for both purchase and rental at Khai Vinh Bridal.

Below are the latest trend-designed red ao dai models. Brides can choose one of the following designs to wear on their engagement day or wedding day!

Design 1: Red wedding ao dai with U-neckline and flared sleeves

Red ao dai symbolizes luck and loyalty in Vietnamese traditional culture. Red and white are still the most popular and beloved colors for wedding attire. Red brings the distinctive beauty of a wedding day.

This red ao dai is made of very soft silk material, creating a gentle and flowing look. It gives the bride a graceful, dynamic, and personal touch.

Red ao dai combined with slightly embellished embroidered floral patterns creates a luxurious feel. The U-shaped collar design is unique and alluring, enhancing the bride’s beauty.

The lightly flared hemline adds a touch of modernity to the traditional design. It brings a youthful and daring look without losing the elegance and grace of a lady.

Design 2: Traditional red wedding ao dai with daring chest cut-out

This red wedding ao dai is designed to fit the bride’s body, creating a streamlined silhouette that showcases her slim and beautiful figure.

It features a traditional collar with a bold chest cut-out, adding a touch of sensuality and allure. The lightly ruffled and flared shoulders create a delicate and feminine look.

Model 3: Traditional round-neck red wedding dress with floral accents

This model features a small round-neck collar that creates a delicate neckline. It has a style reminiscent of the old days when women wore a “yếm” shirt with a cord tied around the neck. This creates a highlight for the charming and neat bust.

The red wedding dress embodies the beauty of ancient culture in modern times. It will be a favorite for many brides looking for a new and unique wedding dress design. The dress is designed to be form-fitting with a split hem, combining tradition and modernity to create a beautiful and unique style.

Moreover, the color red is believed to bring luck and loyalty to a loving relationship on the wedding day.

April is the month in the transitional period, entering the dry season but still frequently experiencing sudden rains. However, April is also the month that brings romantic and dreamy atmosphere to the city, making it more bustling and lively.

The color red is perfectly matched with the hot and coolness of the rains. Your wedding dress will be beautiful and shining in the weather of this April.

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