Pre-wedding photography service in Da Lat

Escaping the heat of Sai Gon, the couples “run away” to Da Lat to enjoy the cool air and poetic sceneries here. Known as “the city of love”, the dreamy and charming Da Lat is a favorite place for many couples to capture their lifetime moments.

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Pre-Wedding Photography service in Da Lat

Pre-wedding photography service in Da Lat

Most of the couples are short on experience and information to select a prestigious wedding photography studio. Thus, Khai Vinh Bridal would like to give you some useful information about outdoor pre-wedding photography service in Da Lat.

Have you ever wondered why Da Lat becomes such an ideal destination for the couples? This place has dreamy sceneries, fresh and cool weather all-year-round which is well suited for wedding photography at any time of the year.

Pre-wedding photography in Da Lat from January to April: Spring

More than anywhere else in Vietnam, Dalat sees flowers vie with one another in blossoming in spring. Especially in February and Mar, they are the seasons of the apricots and cherry blossoms that captivate the hearts of people.

Therefore, this is a great time for those who love to have outdoor pre-wedding photos taken in Da Lat.

Pre-wedding photography in Da Lat from May to June: the peak seasons for tourism

May and June are the peak seasons for tourism in Da Lat as these months remain stable and sunny weather. It accommodates the photographers to perfectly capture the precious moments in beautiful lights and landscapes.

Top beautiful wedding photography locations in Da Lat:

  • Bare Hill
  • Pine Hill
  • Tea hill
  • Lake

The stunning natural sceneries here will help you to create incredible photos in the background of wild nature like in the fairy tales.

Pre-wedding photography in Da Lat from July to Sept: Lost in dreamy purple color of lavender

July comes with the sudden rains that is just a perfect background for the romantic and movie-like pictures. The foggy and cloudy setting is incredibly ideal to create the mysterious and picturesque photos.

Thanks to the rains, a lot of flowers are in blossom, namely:

  • Hydrangeas
  • Rapeseed
  • Sunflower
  • Lavender

Either the idea of taking wedding photos under the rains or in the foggy and misty scene, Khai Vinh Bridal photographers will help you bring fairytales to life in the artistic frames.

Pre-wedding photography in Da Lat from October to December: Glowing frame with the fields of wild sunflower/mimosa

From October to December is the wedding season. During this time, wedding planning & wedding photography services are in high demand, not only in Da Lat.

Therefore, if you want to take pre-wedding photo at this time, you should make a reservation. The photographers will help you select beautiful and suitable locations.

Da Lat is truly a charming and marvelous city with full of romance and wonderful atmosphere where you can have the best wedding photos than anywhere else. No matter what month you plan to take pre-wedding photos, you will always get the stunning and unique photos featuring seasonal weather and sceneries.

Let’s check out some photos taken in Da Lat in 2022 by Khai Vinh Bridal

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Located at 140B Huynh Van Banh, 12 Ward, Phu Nhuan dist, Hochiminh city, Khai Vinh Bridal is popular among the couples who intend to take outdoor wedding photos. It is also a reputable address for studio wedding photography service.

Our professional and talented team will bring the best and the brightest of your lifetime moments on your big day. Khai Vinh Bridal is proud of having more than 10 years of experience in the wedding service. We are capable of delivering professional results that frame truly beautiful happiness. Khai Vinh Bridal is fully equipped with modern facility and photography technology to produce quality pictures. You will get a unique photo album that preserves the golden moments during the shooting process (despite the weather).

Driven by the passion in wedding service, even outdoor or studio pre-wedding photography, Khai Vinh Bridal always catch up with the latest trends to provide customers great satisfaction.

Coming to Khai Vinh Bridal, all your questions and concerns will be satisfactorily answered. We are proud to be a top choice for the couples for the outdoor pre-wedding photography in Da Lat.

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