The hottest wedding photography studio in Sai Gon 2022

Khai Vinh Bridal with 10 years of history is the leading wedding photography studio in Sai Gon in 2022. Let’s check out the best and latest studio wedding photos taken in Sai Gon by Khai Vinh Bridal.

If you are planning for your big day and looking for a reputable wedding photography studio in Sai Gon to capture your best moments in the way you like, Khai Vinh Bridal is the perfect choice.

Khai Vinh Bridal is confidently meeting your expectations!

The wedding season has come. It’s the season of love stories with happy and sweet endings. The wedding day is not only a solemn celebration but also an important milestone that opens up a new chapter of the couples’ lives. For many couples, wedding photo album is a significant item as it is the memento which saves up their blissful memories and love story. However, choosing a wedding photography studio to entrust your expectation is not an easy task.

Coming to Khai Vinh Bridal, one of the best wedding photography studios in Ho Chi Minh, your love story will be told in a beautiful and unique way that will definitely leave you nostalgic for years to come.

Sai Gon has many olden and magnificent streets and Khai Vinh Bridal studio is conveniently located right in the heart of Sai Gon urban, at 80A Ho Van Hue, Ho Chi Minh city – the main route of the wedding-dress street in Ho Chi Minh.

Studio wedding photography – the hottest service in 2022

Besides taking outdoor wedding photos, taking photos in studios is also the choice of many couples. So, what is special about studio wedding photography that has become such a trend recently? Let’s find out what’s different about wedding photography at studio of Khai Vinh Bridal!

  • Time and cost saving: Taking wedding photos at the studio only takes about half a day to complete an album. At the same time, it also costs cheaper for food and travel expenses.
  • The couples do not have to worry about weather conditions
  • The largest and most beautifully decorated studio in Sai Gon
  • Khai Vinh will help you to own the stunning wedding photo album thanks to the art of lights and skilled photographers.

At Khai Vinh Bridal’s studio, you don’t have to travel from one place to another. Therefore, the bride and groom will maintain fresh, energetic and relaxed state during the photo shoot. Besides, in order to produce the most stunning photos in the natural, dreamy and life-like backgrounds, Khai Vinh team always come up with tasteful decoration ideas for various settings. This allows you to freely choose your favorite styles according to your preferences and wishes.

Especially, coming to Khai Vinh Bridal Wedding Photography Studio, you will have a unique wedding photo concept of your own which shines the personal imprint of each couple captured in perfect and best quality photos.

It is even better that when taking studio wedding photos at Khai Vinh Bridal, you are offered a variety of choice from thousands of latest stylish wedding dresses in full sizes and colors. No matter what shape or figure you are, you will definitely find the best ones that fit you.

Why should you choose Khai Vinh Bridal’s studio wedding photography service?

The passion we have for wedding fashion – wedding services has generated the enthusiasm, creativity and fostered our continuous learning to catch up with the latest wedding dress, photography and makeup trends. Khai Vinh Bridal’s works offers the variety that differentiate ourselves on the market. This also allows us to provide customers a wide range of styles and themes and deliver excellent services. Khai Vinh Bridal is not only creating the best photos for our customer but also creating our own values and turning our dream into reality.

We pride ourselves in creating influential ideas with the dedication and passion in sharing joys and creating lifetime moments. We always build a strong connection with the couple to understand their needs, their dreams and to develop the most professional wedding service system.

Our team:

  • Professional photographers
  • Well-known make-up artists
  • The designer team with exclusive color blending technique
  • Customer service team

Khai Vinh Bridal assures to offer our customers quintessential products and the most valuable experiences.

Please reach us at 0898 888 879 for further information and assistance!

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